What To Expect

Preparing For My EES Session

  • Hydrate 2-3 days prior to your session. You may bring water with a cap/lid to your session. Hydration is key with all modalities.
  • Dress comfortably in layered clothing. Your body cools as you rest. You may bring a blanket, eye covers, ear plugs to make your session comfortable for yourself.
  • Eating is not allowed in the EES Space. Eat a light snack prior to your session.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session for instructions.
  • Please do not use heavy perfumes, lotions or oils as some guests are sensitive to strong scents.
  • Evaluate your intention for choosing the EES as a tool for your health.

During My EES Session

  • After check-in and a brief introduction, you will be escorted to the scalar room where you will find monitors in all four corners,  recliners, and anti-gravity chairs as resting choices for your session. The room can be organized to meet the needs of small family/friends participating in sessions together. We can accommodate wheelchairs and will have staff available during your entire stay.
    **Please do not touch the monitors as they are precisely measured to create the enhancing field.
  • The 12-unit EESystem produces (invisible) scalar waves and biophotonic particles, which fill the room for cellular repair. During your experience, we encourage you to disconnect from everyday distractions and recommend you rest, relax, meditate or pray.
  • While one hour sessions are available, 2-hour or more is recommended to receive optimal effects provided by the energy field. Effects of the energy are cumulative and relative to one’s lifestyle.
  • Please be courteous to others and remain quiet during your session. You may bring earbuds for use. Electronic devices should be placed in airplane mode, silenced and set to a dimmed brightness as to not disturb you or other guests during the session.
  • Feel free to get up for restroom use during your session
  • Focus on what you want out of your experience, not what you don’t want.

After My EES Session

  • After your EES session, evaluate your symptoms, mood, sleep patterns, energy. Cellular benefit from the Energy Enhancement System is a cumulative effect. The more you are exposed to scalar energy, the more your body moves towards a healthy level.
  • Continue to hydrate to flush toxins and support your detox. Many clients report feeling relaxed and peaceful during and following their session. Others experience symptoms including a dull headache, brain fog, aches in the body, which can signify a build-up of toxins that need to be excreted.
  • Detox: A natural salt bath is highly recommended and imperative in supporting higher cell function and detoxification. Special salt packages are available for purchase. The recipe for making your own salt bath is listed below. Complete your salt bath within 12 hours of your EES session for maximum benefit. We have alterative methods for detoxing if you are unable to submerge in a salt bath.


Add equal parts of baking soda and Himalayan salt or sea salt to a very warm bath. Do not use epsom salt. Bathe for 20-30 minutes. Follow with a lukewarm shower to remove excess salt from skin surface.

*Alternative foot bath may be used in place of a full bath using a pail or foot bath container. Follow the same instructions.

Planning For My Next EES Session

  • EES sessions can be scheduled according to your personal needs and goals. If you suffer from chronic conditions or sensitivities, it is recommended you start with 2 hour sessions and progress from there. The closer the sessions are, the more optimal your results will be.
  • EES sessions can be of significant value in your wellness journey. The effects of scalar energy are cumulative and are greatly influenced by your lifestyle. Your best results occur when you have a positive mindset and relax as much as possible in the energy field.