Animals can absolutely benefit from the EESystem too!

Our pets are important members of our families. Countryside Scalar welcomes ONE well-behaved pet per hour during the day. This includes a dog on a leash or in a carrier, a cat or other small pet in a carrier.

Pets must always be accompanied by a PMA member and must be able to remain quiet so as not to disturb other members during the session. For the comfort of all Countryside Scalar Energy Room members, pets and pet bedding must be clean and free of odors.
To ensure availability, make sure you schedule your pet through our B610 scheduling platform here, or by contacting our office at 316-800-1260 or email us here. For multiple-hour sessions, you may add back-to-back 1 or 2-hour Pet Sessions to your desired duration, as long as they are the only pet the entire time.
Also, be aware that pets need extra hydration before, during, and after an EESystem session just as humans do. Please be attentive to your animal, ensuring they have adequate water, and that their potty needs are also closely attended to in the appropriate outdoor areas.
If your pet becomes disruptive to the harmony of the room, please know that you will be asked to remove them from the session. Pet guardians are responsible for any necessary cleanup or repair.